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If you have waited an hour for a bus, a day for forgiveness, a week for a biopsy result, months for a baby’s birth, years for a divorce, decades for vindication, you know that time is relative.  Of all calculations, it’s perhaps the most flexible, its measure the most subjective.

What is your attitude to filling and using time?  Do you cram as much as possible into the day?  Do you spend it luxuriously, at your own pace, without pressure?  Are you able to change gear?  Does your perspective differ as you get older?  In your thirties do you suddenly realize that twenty years have gone by in a flash? Is time the reason you fear to turn forty?  In your seventies do you hope for another decade?  How does it strike you at ninety?

People’s attitudes to Time and the way they use it, reveals much about their personality, attitudes and philosophy.  I’m collecting contributions and hope to compile a book that illustrates as many personalities as contributors.  Please write a piece from fifty to five hundred words (or more) about your view of time and e-mail it to me.  Use a pseudonym if you wish. Indicate where you live and give your age (if you will). Tell your friends and invite them to contribute.  All will receive a reply.   

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All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

William Henry Davies

What is this life if full of care we have no time to stand and stare?

Time passes, drags, stalls, stops

Time expands, contracts, flies

Time stands still. It’s long, it’s short

Time changes everything, or nothing

Time will tell, reveal, prove

Time is of the essence, or irrelevant There is a time for everything

There isn’t enough time

Time limit

Time on your hands, face, body

Time to relax, squander, luxuriate

Time to get ready, get going, act

Timing is everything

Time heals

Waiting time

Doing time

Taking and making time

Wasting time

Filling time


Time is money

Time I started

Time I stopped

Time I wasn’t here

About Eileen

Eileen Dight (81) is a retired British specialist on trading in Spain, now resident in Ireland.

Spanish- and French-speaking, graduate (at 46) of International Politics and History; former editor, interpreter and fundraiser.  

Her family of five sons and eleven grandchildren live around the globe in four different Time zones.  She has lived in England, Wales, Spain, France, the USA and now in Ireland. She has been thinking about this theme for a book for some years, and now the time is ripe....

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